Hey Dad Did You Know

Hey Dad Did You Know:  I had a sudden heart attack 9 years ago and by God’s grace I lived.  At the time I was eating right and working out.  One night felt I felt a severe pain in my chest and my left arm.  I got up and took an Aspirin and went back to bed.  I was dismissing it as something I ate.  About an hour later I told Cyndie and she insisted I go to the hospital and drove me to the hospital.  When we got there they did an EKG and the medical team told me that I was having a heart attack and 90% of my main artery was blocked.  They immediately took me to the Cath Lab and inserted a stent.  The procedure was easy and thankfully successful.  The doctor told me I had experienced the “Widow Maker” which is the nickname for a heart attack involving a blockage in the left anterior descending artery. This is the main artery on the front wall of the heart.  It comes suddenly without any warning signs. 

As many as 4-10% of all heart attacks occur before the age of 45 in men.  It’s a reminder that men should not ignore warning symptoms just because they are “to young” or “in good shape” to have heart disease.  And since atherosclerosis (hardening and narrowing of the arteries which silently and slowly blocks arteries, putting blood flow at risk, the usual cause of heart attacks, strokes, and peripheral vascular disease which combined is call Cardiovascular Disease) can start in youth it’s a reminder that prevention should start early in life before problems develop.  Don’t gamble! Get your heart checked so you can be there for your wife and kids.

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